I NEEDED IT BAD – Light – Fun Reading

When I first began using a screen reader for text to speech, it put me to sleep. B-O-R-I-N-G! Or, the voice was so annoying that I would rather continue to strain my eyes than listen to it read what was on my screen. Thanks to growing technology, I would rather listen to kindle books read […]

Toddler Blogging?

What is toddler blogging? Hmmm… New beginnings!Do you sometimes feel like a toddler?🙁 Your legs feel wobbly, and you stumble.😣 You take a few steps forward, then back a few.😲 You reach out and hold on until you feel your balance again.😯 Oops! Sometimes you fall on your butt. 😖😭Sometimes you may just plop right […]

Meet The Irish Country Doctor

Below is a message that will make you smile, from Patrick’s home page. He will be with Kathy King and me on Writing Works Wonders on Friday June 18th at 1pm EDT. Listen Live on ACB Radio Community Channel http://www.acb.org Ask any Alexa device or app to Play ACB Community Channel or ACB Radio Community […]

COLABORATING AUTHORS – Over 50 Bestsellers!

TODAY AUTHORS COLLABORATE FOR SUCCESS MELISSA McCLONE & PAMELA M. KELLEY On Friday May 21 at 1 PM Eastern Melissa and Pamela will reveal their successful discoveries of collaborating and leveraging social media. Writing Works Wonders interviews these co-authors of over 50 books across their two series. Today~1pm Eastern ask Alexa device to “Play ACB […]

Just Write

Author Interview: Karen Brown Cohosts, Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Dr. Kathleen P. King “Writing, Guide Dogs and Just Write!” In this episode, Cheryl interview guest author Karen Brown about her books which describe her life with vision loss and her guide dogs. The discussion provides a window into the challenges and opportunities authors with vision […]

Let’s Talk Time Management

Hello Friends/ So many things to do… “How do I find the time?” All of you who may be longtime bloggers have continually shared with your readers about creating several posts at one time. Hmmm. Maybe you have something there. Or, I’m thinking that a series may be a good idea. What are your thoughts. […]