Meet The Irish Country Doctor

Below is a message that will make you smile, from Patrick’s home page. He will be with Kathy King and me on Writing Works Wonders on Friday June 18th at 1pm EDT.

Listen Live on ACB Radio Community Channel

Ask any Alexa device or app to

Play ACB Community Channel


ACB Radio Community Channe. Depends on how she is feeling… She’ll respond to one!

Contact for more info.

“You’ve found my home page. Come in and make yourself at home. It’s a pity I can’t pour you a pint, but I can tell you what you can find in here. There’s a bit about meself, mostly lies written by a publicist, but sure flattery will get you anywhere. If you’d like to know more about my novels about Ballybucklebo, Doctors Laverty and O’Reillly, and the rest of the eejits who live there, there’s stuff about that. I hope you enjoy your trip and then go and buy the books. I only get a couple of dollars a copy but sure every little bit helps keep the wolf from the door. Thanks for coming. Slán leat or goodbye, and don’t be a stranger. Feel free to come and visit any time…and bring your friends.”

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