March Challenge – Plant Your Story Garden

Hello Friends

Ready to begin your story garden? March is the perfect time to start seeds indoors. I love to watch a seedling pop through the soil. One morning, there is a little nub, just at the surface of the soil. I love going back throughout the day to see how it progresses under the warmth of the light.

Imagine touching your toes,, then very slowly roll up, one vertabrae at a time. That is what happens to a seedling as it comes through the soil.

At the end of the month, you may join several ideas into a poem, a short story, or your first novel. You don’t need to make the commitment to anyone, but yourself. You are worth it. Have fun with it and you will be amazed…

I look forward to hearing about your garden. Whether you grow herbs or flowers, inhale the fragrance; breathe in the air around you; feel the warmth of the sun and imagine the possibilities.

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