Toddler Blogging?

What is toddler blogging? Hmmm… New beginnings!
Do you sometimes feel like a toddler?
🙁 Your legs feel wobbly, and you stumble.
😣 You take a few steps forward, then back a few.
😲 You reach out and hold on until you feel your balance again.
😯 Oops! Sometimes you fall on your butt. 😖
😭Sometimes you may just plop right down and have yourself a full-blown 🙃tantrum; scream, 😭cry and kick your feet… Which, in fact, can be very healing.

As a toddler does, you too get back up and continue forward. You learn to go around those stumbling blocks. 😊Your legs will feel stronger. 🤗You will stand straighter, and “Wow,” you are doing it. You are reaching for the stars.🌟Never stop believing.

Hello and welcome to my first post (My toddler blog post). I am a published author with a diverse background, but here… I begin fresh with you. Writers inspiring writers. As the site header says, “Let’s Do It Together.” Yes, there are similar blogs. Living Inspired Fully Everyday – L.I.F.E. is not instead of, but along with!

How many times have you read an article or post on the same topic, yet each author has a different spin. You may come away with one idea or several. Learning is continual. I could say the same thing to you that you heard from ten other people; I worded it differently. The timing was right, and it clicked! That doesn’t mean I’m better than the last ten authors. You. It makes me smile just happen to be reading what I wrote at a time in your life when you were ready to hear the message. That aha moment is timing. Repetition is a good thing! I like to say, “I know, I know, I know… But keep on telling me.” I have a daily devotional that I read from January 1-December 31, year after year. So many times, I have come across a reading that I swear… wasn’t there before. Of course, it was, but The words resonated with me differently this time.

Remember the song, Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking across the floor? (1970 Rankin/Bass Christmas special Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.) I love this song. If I’m struggling with something or beginning to self-doubt, I stand up and sing this song. It makes me smile while putting things back into perspective. It motivates and inspires. Check out the submission page, and let’s begin our journey together. ☺️JC

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